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Site Highlights


Plan satisfaction


fix the price


Check the Documents


Sign the agreements


Sale registration


Apartment is yours


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Site visit

To give you a foresight

During the site-visit, even if the project is under-construction, we will present a good perspective of the location of the rooms by mock-partitions and also help you to see the locatlity and facilities of the neighbourhood.

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Site Highlights

All that your future home contains

We bring to your understanding the uniqueness of the project and the advantages of buying our apartment.

Plan Satisfaction

Everyone has a place in this place

We explain to you different sizes of apartments and the various facets of the individual rooms and common spaces like the carpark, serback spaces, terrace, watertank, sump etc..

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Document Verification

It is always necessary to read the document carefully and getting it checked by a legal advisor.

Sign the Agreements

Once the document clearance is obtained, we sign the Sale Agreement to ensure that the deal is closed.

Sale registration

We register the Sale Deed for the Undivided Share of Land in your name at the Sub-Registrar's Office.

Apartment is yours

A life-time possesion

On comlpletion of construction, we hand-over the keys to your apartment and you and your family are the proud owners of a brand new apartment.

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Sale service

Assured Service at your call

We don't forget you after the sale, we stand by to cater to any of your needs after you have taken possession.